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ManagementConf: leadershipconf KAIA hosts professional development and networking events for members and companies throughout the year, including a conference for rural and small agents, a management conference, Kansas Agents Legislative Day and golf events.

Leadership & Development Conference

​​About the Conference

Previously known as the Management Conference, the new name has been updated to reflect the fact that the conference is not just for agency principals but for young agents and other future leaders of the industry.

Considered the #1 in-person networking event for leaders the Kansas insurance industry, this three-day event includes:
  • An education track designed specifically for agency owners, principals and veterans of the industry

  • A second track geared toward young agents, those who are new to the business and those who are interested in one day becoming agency owners

  • Recognition of recipients of the annual insurance industry awards

  • Announcement and swearing in of the association new board members and officers

  • Pre-conference events, including a golf tournament, continuing education opportunities and a dinner for young agents

 October 5-7, 2016
Bluemont Hotel
 Manhattan, KS
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