KAIA monitors and weighs in on a range of issues related to business, insurance, taxes and consumer protections. Click on the tabs below to learn more about our current issues.

​​KAIA members and the association's Government Affairs Team monitor legislation on the state level and lobby members of the Kansas Legislature on issues that impact small businesses and the independent agent system.

Current Issues

Ensuring Transparency
KAIA supports ongoing efforts to modernize workers compensation in Kansas, including increased transparency and financial oversight of the state’s assigned risk pool, as well as improvements to level the playing field and reduce the impact of isolated accidents on premiums for small business owners.

Increasing Competition
KAIA supports a competitive marketplace. We oppose efforts to stifle competition, including unfair trade practices, contract provisions designed to keep competition out of the state, and initiatives that reduce consumer access to agents.

Stabilizing the Cost of Doing Business in Kansas
KAIA supports continued efforts to reduce the cost of doing business and help attract new companies and insurance products to the state, including legal reforms aimed at reducing incentives for litigation and lowering insurance costs for Kansas consumers.

Consumer Protection
KAIA supports state-level policies to protect Kansas consumers from insurance fraud and abuse, including modernizing minimum auto liability limits and protecting the privacy of consumer data.

Kansas UBER Statutes
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Kansas UBER Statutes

KAIA's Government
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KAIA works throughout the year on regulatory issues affecting Kansas consumers and the insurance industry.

Regulatory Resources

Click here to visit our online Technical Library of resources and sample documents related to regulatory issues.

Consumer & Technical Advocacy Committee

Our CTA committee meets regularly to discuss and identify solutions for technical concerns related to regulation of the insurance industry. For more information about Members who are interested in joining the committee, or who would like to submit a concern for discussion, may contact the KAIA office at 1-800-229-7048 or

Kansas agents and KAIA staff work in conjunction with the Big I's Government Affairs team to lobby members of the U.S. House and Senate on issues that directly impact the American independent agency system.

Current Issues

Agent Licensing Reform
Agents support implementation of the recently passed National Association of Registered Agents & Brokers Reform Act, known as NARAB II. This legislation will give states the ability to streamline agent licensing so agents operating in multiple states would no longer have to go through the additional paperwork process in each state while retaining regulatory control at the state level.

Consumer Access to Agents
Agents support recently-introduced legislation that would retain consumer access to agents by clarifying that agent commissions do not count toward the MLR calculation contained in the Affordable Care Act.

Crop Insurance
Agents oppose further cuts to the Federal Crop Insurance Program (FCIP). More cuts to commissions will reduce access and efficiency. Agents also oppose the Crop Insurance Subsidy Reduction Act in order to maintain farmers’ ability to work with local agents who are knowledgable about crop insurance coverage.

Agents support efforts to simplify the tax code for small businesses. This includes a reform of individual income tax rates, not just corporate income tax rates to account for agents and other small businesses that operate as Subchapter S Corporations, Partnerships or Sole Proprietorships.

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Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins meets with Kansas agents during the Big I National Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.


Kansas Congressional Delegation

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