Strategic Sales Training

About the Workshop

Our Strategic Sales Training workshop is designed to help new agents start their sales career on the right path, and to help experienced agents re-energize their sales plan. The three-day workshop combines both traditional and modern sales/marketing techniques to provide participants with the skills they need to succeed in today's digital age. Taught by Bob Harris, a veteran of the insurance industry and a long-time sales trainer, participants will learn how to improve their sales techniques, establish a marketing plan, build a loyal client base and find long-term success in the insurance business.

Training Outline

Sales Cycle

  • Selling from start to finish
  • The power of networking and using digital tools
  • Buying signals
  • How to do it right to increase sales

30 Day Marketing plan

  • Complete & repeat for greater success (every 30 days)
  • Refine and complete again


  • The greatest thing you have got going for you
  • How to keep it positive
  • Continue to improve
  • Education

Phone skills

  • Your most productive sales tool
  • Improve customer service
  • Texting for fun & profit


  • Understanding why people object
  • Knowing what to say to overcome the objection

Personality Types

  • Learn how to treat others the way they want to betreated
  • Improve communication skills

Understanding Features, Functions & Benefits

  • Sell what people will buy Sales Proposals
  • Defining and explaining insurance terms


  • Practice your presentation until it is perfect
  • Tape your presentation to help you improve

Risk survey

  • What coverages to offer
  • How to avoid E&O claims
  • Customer’s checklist to review

Predictable income

  • Control your income
  • Ways to improve your income
  • Knowing your success hit ratio


  • How to budget for fluctuating income
  • How to make more than I need to live on

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