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KAIA Reaches 2019 Insurpac Goal

KAIA has surpassed its 2019 InsurPac fundraising goal of $27,000!

In addition, the Young Agents of Kansas also crushed their goal showing the commitment to the future of the insurance industry in Kansas is strong with our future leaders.

Fee Insurance Group led the successful effort, along with the Elliott Insurance Group's employees.

“Thanks to all of our members that contributed to making sure that we have a voice in Washington,” said KAIA's executive director, Dave Hulcher.

Below is a list recognizing all of the individuals that contributed. Highlighted are the top ten agency contributors by dollar amount and the total number of employees.

Top Ten Agency Contributors     

Fee Insurance Group, Inc.                             $5,450

Elliott Insurance Group                                  $2,220

Renn & Company, Inc.                                    $1,625

Kellerman Insurance, Inc.                             $1,600

Smart Insurance Services                              $1,070

The Davidson Agency                                     $1,060

Bolz Insurance, Inc.                                         $1,000

Newkirk, Dennis & Buckles, Inc.                    $950

Insurance Planning, Inc.                                 $850

Haas & Wilkerson Insurance Agency           $825

Top Agencies by Number of Contributors    

Elliott Insurance Group                                  8

Insurance Planning, Inc.                                 5

Newkirk, Dennis & Buckles, Inc.                    4

Kellerman Insurance, Inc.                               3

SBS Insurance Agency                                     3

Fee Insurance Group, Inc.                               3

Kansas Assn. of Insurance Agents                 3

15 agencies with 2 individuals                        2

For more information about InsurPac click here.

InsurPac raises and distributes approximately $2.2 million each election cycle, making it one of the largest small business PACs in the country. It is funded by voluntary, personal, LLC and Partnership contributions from independent agents, brokers, and agencies throughout the country. It works hand in hand with the Big I advocacy team to promote, protect and perpetuate the independent agency system.

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