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KAIA Committees

Being a committee member provides you the opportunity to drive industry thought leadership. To join a KAIA Committee, please contact Joan Sutton.

Email: or call: (800) 229-7048 ext. 303.

Insurance Coverage

Serves as a member resource that monitors all issues relating to insurance technical matters in Kansas and on a national level. May provide representation for KAIA members at public hearings on insurance to advocate the official position taken by the Board of Directors.

Dave Vogel

Chair: Dave Vogel
ProValue Insurance
Hutchinson, KS

Committee members:

  • Kent Anthony, First Group Insurance
  • Maria Dressman, Elliott Insurance Group
  • Lynn Miller, Accident Fund
  • Jack Radar, Farmers Alliance Insurance Companies
  • Richard Sanders, Sanders Agency, Inc.
  • Wally Wilson, Ryan Insurance, LLC
  • Beth Smoller, Agency Services Corporation of Kansas
  • Joan Sutton, Kansas Assn. of Insurance Agents

Membership Engagement

Creates strategies to assist KAIA staff in growing membership, retaining members and increasing association engagement among agency members.


Chair: Jo Erin Stuteville
Elliott Insurance Group
Spring Hill, KS

Committee members:

  • Chris Bohrer, Wood-Dulohery Insurance, Inc.
  • Ron Bolz, Bolz Insurance
  • Jonee Crump, Smart Insurance Services
  • Lyle Davidson, The Davidson Agency
  • Skylin Day, TWI Insurance Services, Inc
  • Dan Murray, Goodman Gravley Insurance
  • Christine Teagarden, Teagarden Ins Group
  • Joan Sutton, Kansas Assn. of Insurance Agents

Agency Management & Technology

Monitors industry developments in technology and recommends new products and procedures that may help agency members improve operating efficiency and customer service.


Chair: Lucas M. Raleigh
Raleigh Insurance Agency, Inc.
Little River, KS

Committee members:

  • Scott Koepplin, KFSA Insurance, LLC
  • Patrick Martin, Martin Insurance Group
  • Brad Miller, Farmers Alliance Insurance Cos.
  • Scott Stuckey, Cardinal Insurance Co., Inc.
  • Rob Wilson, Kellerman Insurance, Inc.
  • Emily Wood, Wood-Dulohery Insurance, Inc.
  • Beth Smoller, Agency Services Corporation of Kansas
  • Joan Sutton, Kansas Assn. of Insurance Agents

Young Agents

Empowers young insurance professionals to be leaders by providing opportunities for personal development, building lasting relationships and gaining valuable industry experience. Expands young agents’ industry knowledge and enhances their skills to help their agencies evolve and grow.


Chair: Josh Goodman
Haas & Wilkerson
Fairway, KS

Committee members:

  • Brock Elliott, Elliott Insurance
  • Casey Hart, Risk Innovations
  • Bryce Hundley, Hundley Insurance Services, LLC
  • Lindsy Martin, Smart Insurance
  • Ashley Mitchell, EMC Insurance Companies
  • Chris Peterson, Chris-Leef General Agency
  • Zach Renn, Stephens Chapin

Government Affairs

Monitors current state legislative, regulatory, and political activity proposals for the association and proactively explores legislation that provides a more favorable insurance marketplace for agents and the insurance buying public. Makes recommendations regarding the association’s support or opposition to specific legislative proposals at both the state and national levels.


Chair: Kevin Campbell
United Agency, LLC
Arkansas City, KS

Committee members:

  • Brock Elliott
    Vice Chairperson
  • Tom Bryon
  • Rick Elliott
  • Bob Fee
  • Drew Johnson
  • Will Larson
  • William Lessen
  • Michael Lesser
  • Mark Lowry
  • Marshall Madill
  • David Miller
  • Ryan Murry
  • Robert Richey
  • SueAnn Schultz
  • Al Shank, Jr.
  • Scott Strong
  • Scott Stuckey
  • Tim Tyner
  • Kristy Wilson
  • Dave Hulcher, KAIA
  • Beth Smoller, KAIA/ASCK

Agent & Company Relations

Works with companies to promote opportunities to engage more deeply with the association. Oversees and grows the Industry Partner program by creating greater awareness of the benefits provided and making direct contact with carriers. Provides a vehicle for discussion of potential issues and solutions for enhancing business practices.


Chair: Austin Renn
Renn & Company
Wellington, KS

Committee members:

  • Doug Buckles, Newkirk, Dennis & Buckles, Inc.
  • Rick Elliott, Elliott Insurance Inc.
  • Jordan Fee, Fee Insurance Group, Inc.
  • Doug Hamilton, Kansas Builders Insurance Group
  • Ben Hickey, TRUSS
  • Davie Holt, Imperial PFS
  • Ashley Mitchell, EMC Insurance Companies
  • David Sanders, IMA, Inc
  • Craig Seiler, Creative Planning Property & Casualty
  • Joan Sutton, Kansas Assn. of Insurance Agents

Professional Development

Develops and implements a strategy for professional development and networking of members through KAIA’s education and conference offerings. Provides suggestions for relevant, timely subject matter of interest to KAIA members, including recommendations for instructors/ speakers for education courses and programs. Provides input and recommendations regarding logistics (location, agenda, and speakers) and content for KAIA events.


Chair: Kevin J. O’Brien
The Reilly Company
Overland Park, KS

Committee members:

  • Kent Anthony, First Group Insurance, Inc.
  • Stacey Donnelley, ICI (Insurance Center, Inc.)
  • Cindy Hower, Kellerman Insurance, Inc.
  • Mellisa Miller, Fee Insurance Group, Inc.
  • Molly Reilly, The Davidson Agency, Inc
  • Teri Russell, Farmers Alliance Insurance Companies
  • Cristi Werth, TWI Insurance Services, Inc
  • Karlyn Judd, Kansas Assn. of Insurance Agents
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