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E&O Website Review

E&O Website Review (Potential for 5% premium credit for up to four years)

As an insurance agent, you likely are the “best” in a certain line of business or have a near “expert” level of knowledge. As such, you use this type of language on your website to differentiate your agency from competitors. However, the presence of certain statements can lead to unwanted E&O exposures.

According to recent data, 1 in 7 agents reports a potential E&O claim yearly. And attorneys are now using the language on websites and marketing materials as supporting evidence. A seemingly innocent statement about your services could be exactly what an attorney needs to help their client win their case against you. Your agency can save 5% on your Swiss Re E&O Policy for up to 4 years.

That is why removing potentially harmful keywords, phrases, and missing disclaimers on your website is crucial. Otherwise, you may…

  • Unknowingly increase your agency’s duty to advise
  • Damage your clients’ trust in your insurance agency
  • Lose clients as a result of unsatisfactory service
  • Risk an unfavorable outcome in an E&O lawsuit
  • Drive up the premium for your E&O insurance policy

Fortunately, getting an E&O website review from Virtual Agency Solutions is a simple, affordable way to uncover issues and reduce E&O exposures on your site.

Note: Credit cannot be applied until all recommendations are completed.

Virtual Agency Solutions (part of the Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin, Big "I" State Association) was created in 2017 to help improve insurance agency operations and help agency owners create a culture of Errors & Omissions awareness. Agency risk management is a passion and Virtual Agency Solutions is here to work with your agency. We understand it is not a one-size-fits-all process and your agency is unique. We are here to help your agency with your operations or technology needs and will work with you to find the solutions you need.

E&O Website Review


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