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Agent of Record Guidelines

  1. Agency Services Corporation of Kansas (ASCK) will not accept agents of record (AOR) letters when the incumbent agency is a Kansas Association of Insurance Agents (KAIA) members with a direct appointment to the carrier in question. When the incumbent agency is not a member, ASCK will adhere to the AOR standards of the companies with which they work. These standards may include a minimum number of days prior to expiration to receive the AOR and limit the timeframe for which a rescinding letter will be honored. New applications may also be required.
  2. ASCK will not accept agent of record letters that move an insured from one member agency to a different member agency.
  3. ASCK will accept agent of record letters to move an insured from non-KAIA member agencies to a member agency, the insurance carrier still has its own guidelines we must follow when submitting AOR requests.

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