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Becoming a KIA&B Contributor

We are always looking for people with unique experiences and perspectives to write on topics of interest to independent agents. This means that most of our contributors are not professional writers: they are people working in insurance or support industries. Although some level of writing ability is necessary, we prioritize meaningful, educational content.

Signing up to become a contributor is not a guarantee that your article idea or finished article will be accepted. Each article idea and finished article submission is considered on its own merits.

Article ideas

We accept submissions on topics related to the business or insurance industry. While we will occasionally publish overview, generalist, or list-type articles, we are primarily looking for content from subject matter experts that “gets in the weeds” so to speak in their areas of expertise.

You must disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest, including but not limited to any financial interest in any product or company/organization relevant to your submission.

When submitting an idea, please keep in mind the content deadlines.


Written in second-person, pieces range in length from 1,000-1,500 words and deal with a wide array of educational issues - some topical, some serious, some light. Feature stories are required to be at least 2,000 words comprise a major part of the magazine. These, too, address a variety of issues appealing to insurance professionals.

Finished Article Requirements

  • Between 1000-1500 words 
  • Written in Second Person Point of View (exceptions: Interviews and Case Study-type articles are first-person).
  • Submitted as a Word document 
  • Completed; we will not edit incomplete articles, and submissions that require rigorous editing may not be used.
  • Educational/informative in nature; they may NOT be direct sales pieces, reference your products or include overly promotional language.


The editors are always looking for fresh story ideas. However, the caliber of the magazine and limited times of its publication dictate that the writings meet high standards. The editors value articles strong in quality, journalistic technique, and substance. It is imperative that those interested in writing for KIA&B actually read the publication.

Photographs & Illustrations

We do not buy photos from writers. We assign photos and illustrations to professionals as needed and are chosen by KIA&B/KAIA staff. 

If you are submitting an article, please include a high-resolution headshot (as a separate file) along with a short bio to be included.

Topic Areas

Generally, we look for topics in the following broad categories as they apply to private lending. If it doesn’t quite fit, no worries – we’d still love to hear about your idea!

  • Accounting
  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Legislation & Advocacy
  • Managing & Leading
  • Market Trends & Economy
  • Marketing
  • Professional Development
  • Risk Management
  • Sales
  • Technology

Learn More

View the editorial calendar below for deadlines to reserve advertising space and submit materials. 

You can get in touch with the staff by emailing us at

Want to Advertise with Us?

We would be happy to discuss media options with you!

KIA&B 2020 Editorial Calendar


Themes: Claims

Space Close: 11/27/19

Content Due: 12/18/19

Final Proof: 1/29/20


Themes: Womens’ Month/ HR

Space Close: 1/29

Content Due: 2/12

Final Proof: 3/23


Themes: Safety Month / Small Business

Space Close: 4/1

Content Due: 4/15

Final Proof: 5/20


Themes: Marketing

Space Close: 5/27

Content Due: 6/10

Final Proof: 7/15


Themes: Preparedness / Cyber

Space Close: 7/29

Content Due: 8/12

Final Proof: 9/16


Themes: Goal Setting

Space Close: 9/30

Content Due: 10/14

Final Proof: 11/18

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