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Operational Review

Operational Review (Includes Website Review, potential for up to a 15% premium credit for five years)
You will work with an experienced professional who is an impartial independent agency consultant and Swiss Re approved auditor to review the agency operations with the goal of:

  • Reducing exposure to insurance agency lawsuits and E&O claims
  • Developing a better understanding of how the agency operates on the ground level
  • Improving customer service
  • Increasing sales opportunities
  • Establishing written procedures
  • Creating a culture of E&O awareness with agency staff
  • Increasing agency efficiency

During this operational review process, agency operational workflows are reviewed including:

  • Agency website
  • Customer file maintenance
  • Document management
  • File documentation
  • Diary system
  • Template customer correspondence used (form letters, checklists and proposals)

Your agency will receive an Operational Improvement Report recapping what was reviewed and a summary of urgent, critical and long-term improvements. The report will outline the process and resources to improve the agency operations including suggested responsible party and completion date. This process is completed 100% virtually to make it more efficient for agency employees and to eliminate travel costs!

Note: All urgent and critical items must be completed before the policy credit can be applied.

Virtual Agency Solutions (part of the Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin, Big "I" State Association) was created in 2017 to help improve insurance agency operations and help agency owners create a culture of Errors & Omissions awareness. Agency risk management is a passion and Virtual Agency Solutions is here to work with your agency. We understand it is not a one-size-fits-all process and your agency is unique. We are here to help your agency with your operations or technology needs and will work with you to find the solutions you need.

Operational Review

Pricing Varies Depending on Size of Agency

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