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KAIA Board Announces Special and Annual Membership Meetings

Minor changes to by-laws to be discussed at Rural & Small Conference

KAIA's Board of Directors has called a special membership meeting on Tues., Jan. 28, during the Rural and Small Conference at the Doubletree Hotel in Wichita. This brief meeting will be held from 1:00 to 1:10 p.m. in the Media Theatre, before the E&O seminar. The purpose of the meeting is to review amendments to the by-laws that will provide greater flexibility on when and where KAIA's annual membership meeting will be. These changes will give KAIA's Board of Directors additional flexibility and allow them to more prudently manage the resources of the association.  A copy of the proposed by-laws along with the highlighted changes are attached.

In further detail, the purpose of the proposed amendments to the by-laws are outlined below:

  1. Give the Association flexibility to hold the annual membership meeting, at which the officers and directors are elected, at any time, and any place during a calendar year. It will allow the Board of Directors flexibility to hold the annual membership meeting at a site that is most financially conducive, and that maximizes member attendance.
  2. Give the Board the flexibility to adjust the terms of the officers and directors, not to exceed six (6) months, to correspond with the date of the annual membership meeting. This amendment goes with the above bullet, designed to give the flexibility to install officers and hold the annual membership when it makes sense.
  3. Make several minor changes to clarify the by-laws in certain areas.

A redline version of the amended by-laws is attached and will be voted on at the meeting. Assuming the proposed changes to the by-laws are adopted, then the 2020 annual membership meeting will be held immediately afterward. At this meeting, the KAIA 2020 officers and directors will be elected and voted on. This is the same slate of officers installed at the 2019 Leadership and Development Conference and will satisfy our annual installation requirement.

Thank you for your patience as the KAIA Board of Directors works to position the association to serve members most efficiently. 2020 is an exciting year for the association. The national Big "I" meeting will be in Kansas City this September, where Kansas agent, Bob Fee, will be installed as Chairman of the national association. The changes to the by-laws will help maximize our participation in this event.

We look forward to seeing you at this special membership meeting at Rural and Small. For questions, please reach out to KAIA President Kristy Wilson at

View proposed amendments to KAIA by-laws

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