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KAIA Launches Member Scavenger Hunt

Update your membership profile with KAIA for a chance to win $50

KAIA has been working to update the membership database over the past several months. Now we need your help to verify that your information is accurate.

We also need your help to fill in a few blanks that will allow us to provide you with industry insight designed just for you. Here is a brief tour of the InfoHub.

This tour is provided to you by Joan Sutton, VP of Member Experience, as she walks you through the step by step process of making changes.

Your chance to win $50 is just a few questions away

As you login and update your information, look for the answers to these three questions and then email your answers to

Gift cards will be awarded throughout the month of June.


  1. List two titles of resources under the resource section?
  2. Under “My Info” what do you spend 60% of your time doing?
  3. When you click on events on the left side, what is the fourth event listed?
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