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The Last Dab

KAIA's Young Agents Committee Release Third Hot Ones Teaser in support of Jacob Legleiter.

The Young Agents Committee of Kansas is releasing its third Hot Ones teaser in support of Jabob Legleiter. Jacob, at only 20-years old, is suffering from choriocarcinoma, a very rare cancer. He is currently receiving a unique, aggressive treatment to help his chances of survival.

We are humbly requesting your financial support to assist the Legleiter family with Jacob's treatments. Mike Legleiter, Jacob's father, with Rain & Hail, is a member of the insurance community and a KAIA Industry Partner.

Choriocarcinoma is very rare. Patients require a unique, aggressive treatment to improve their chance of survival. Testicular germ cell tumors represent the most common malignancy among young men. While five-year overall survival and cure for this population are greater than 95%, choriocarcinoma is an aggressive subtype of this disease with a far worse prognosis; five-year survival for choriocarcinoma is less than 80%. Sadly, the peak occurrence in males is 20-29 years old.

The Young Agents Committee believes that the independent agents' community's responsibility is to support those within the community. This year, the Young Agents Committee's National Liaison, Brock Elliott of Elliott Group in Louisburg, Kansas, hatched an idea to create a Hot Ones Challenge. Bryce Hundley of Hundley Insurance Services, and Josh Goodman, KAIA, agreed to participate in the challenge. Just as in the original YouTube sensation, the participants conduct an interview over ten increasingly spicy chicken wings. They began with Hot Ones Classic sauce with a rating of 1,800 Scoville units and ended with a struggle to finish The Last Dab XXX with a Scoville rating of two million units. Only one participant did not accept the final Dab challenge.

Hundley added, “To the principals, company reps, producers, marketing underwriters, let’s show Mike and his family how much we support them. We can’t do it without you. We are so close to making the goal and releasing the full video. You can make a difference!”

Short clips will be released through KAIA’s website and its Facebook and LinkedIn pages. The final cut will only be released once the Committee has reached its $4,000 fundraising goal. The campaign runs from August 10, 2021, to September 10, 2021. Donations can be made through KAIA’s website at

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