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KID Tax Clearance and Digital Fingerprinting for New Producer Licenses

The Kansas Insurance Department's Producer Licensing division is undergoing many changes to streamline the licensing process, making it easier and quicker. The transition to NIPR on January 1, 2022, is an important part of that process. There are several other changes KID is making in preparation for that transition, which will help expedite the current process and expedite the process after the transition.

Those changes include:

  1. Beginning September 15, 2021, all new resident license applicants will be required to submit a tax clearance with their application. Instructions can be found here: Since 2019, the Department has been verifying tax status (the applicant's answer to Question #4 on the application) through a back end application with the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR). Through discussions with KDOR, the Department has determined that the licensing process would be more efficient if applicants requested a tax clearance through the normal process on the KDOR website. We believe this change is good for both applicants and the Department for the following reasons:
    • Applicants can request a tax clearance before applying and resolve any tax liabilities that may create delays in the licensing process. In addition, application fees are non-refundable, and now applicants have an opportunity to know before they apply if tax clearance is going to be a barrier to licensure.
    • Tax clearance through the normal process on the KDOR website generally takes 24 hours. There are times it takes the Department up to three days to verify tax clearance through the back-end application.
    • The Department will not process an application until we have received: a completed NAIC Uniform Application for Individual Producer License Form, a tax clearance from the Kansas Department of Revenue, fingerprints for a background investigation report, the Waiver Agreement and FBI Privacy Act Statement (Fingerprint Waiver Form) and appropriate fees have been collected. Requiring the tax clearance upfront will ensure our staff is actively working on the applications of those that have submitted all of the proper paperwork, rather than spending time processing an application only to have it sit for months because of lack of tax clearance.
  2. The Department anticipates digital fingerprinting will be available September 15, 2021, through our test vendor, Pearson VUE. To make an appointment to have digital fingerprints taken and sent directly to the KBI at the Overland Park, Topeka, or Wichita locations, visit: Unfortunately, digital fingerprinting will not be available at the Hays location. This change will allow digital prints to be taken and sent directly to the KBI, eliminating the need to mail anything to the Department and for the Department to deliver anything to the KBI. Depending on how fingerprints are sent, we anticipate this change to save between 1-7 days of waiting time.

You can find the latest version of our FAQ document regarding all licensing changes can be found at:

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