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KAIA Members Encouraged to Attend Mid America Insurance Conference

Agents and brokers from the most engaged states in the nation come together to share ideas and present suggestions to bring about positive change to the insurance industry.  These agents of change call their group the Insurance Intelligence Committee and they gather at the Mid America Insurance Conference.  Their goal is to drive positive changes for agents, consumers and insurance companies and they are highly effective at driving enhancements to coverage, rules, forms and other technical matters.

In a world where insurance policies are constantly changing, this group has been there to evaluate and identify issues proactively.  Since 1934 they have shared their ideas with ISO, ACORD, NCCI as well as various insurance companies who are forward-thinking in product development.  Simply put, this group gets results, and the meeting has become a venue for the exchange of knowledge, networking, and learning.  It is one of the most effective groups in the nation and they are becoming more and more known as they continue to drive change in a complex marketplace where agents can no longer simply be reactive.

The ability to read and understand insurance policies has become more critical than ever and a simple change of the word “or” to an “and” could preclude coverage.  This group has seen agents/brokers grow in their knowledge and reputation, becoming true industry experts allowing them to leave their mark on the insurance industry.

Long time MAIC attendee Tim Wahl says, “It is the best way to learn about issues with policy forms and the most effective way an agent can enact changes in those forms for the benefit of consumers.”  Tim would know, he has personally brought about countless new product ideas as well as policy language changes.  Chris Boggs, Executive Director of Risk Management and Education at IIABA, adds “If you want to make a difference in the industry from a coverage perspective, you want to be a part of this meeting.”

Being involved with the MAIC will undoubtably enhance your coverage knowledge and the networking will help establish resources that will benefit your agency well into the future whether it is other agents or contacts at ISO, ACORD and NCCI.

We encourage you to join us at the next conference is in Kansas City on November 6-8th.  Become an “Agent of Change” and make the choice to be an even better agent tomorrow.  Register today!

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