Data Breach

​​​​Whether it's a stolen laptop or a cyber attack from an outside source, a data breach can happen at any time to any size business. AScK, in partnership with Beazley and Arlington Roe, offers Data Breach coverage for KAIA member agencies.

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The fact is data breaches are more likely to happen in a small business, and the average data breach costs upwards of $200,000. Click here for six reasons you might need data breach coverage. 

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With Arlington Roe's Data Breach coverage you get access to, an informational resource site that will help you protect your agency against data breaches. Click here to read more about 

Arlington Roe also offers a variety of options for your coverage. Check here​ to see your different coverage options.

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Cyber Liability - Understanding the Risk
3 Part Educational Video

Cybercrime has grown seventeen times since 2009 with no slowdown in sight.  All businesses, including Insurance Agents, which collect private information about their clients, must comply with State and/or Federal Notification Laws.  These notification requirements can cost small businesses on average over $200,000 and larger businesses can be in the millions.  Since this is also a rapidly growing exposure it is difficult for businesses to understand the definition of private information, how to protect it and how to comply with Notification Laws.

This 3 part course will provide agents with an understanding of the current exposures associated with cyber risks and ways to protect themselves and their clients.

      This course is designed to increase the awareness of Cyber risks, the laws and ways to protect.  The objective is for the participants to learn the following;
1.  Be able to identify and define Private Information
Know and understand the State and Federal laws requiring businesses to protect the information.
Understand risk management techniques that businesses can implement to help mitigate losses.Understand how to insure this exposure and the differences in carrier policies.
Be able to identify the cyber risks associated with their clients business.

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