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Why Choose an Independent Agent

Independent Insurance Agents: Focused on Protecting You

Buying your first home? Growing your family? Starting a business? As you go through life, your insurance needs change over time. That’s why you need the professional advice and guidance of an independent insurance agent. The right insurance creates peace of mind.

Who is an Independent Agent?

When you choose an independent agent, you are supporting a local business. Independent agents are members of your community - coaches of the local Little League team, volunteers, church members - and they are passionate about making a difference.

Independent agents are on your side - a neighbor who knows and cares about you. They will be there throughout the many changes in your life - answering questions, handling issues and adjusting your insurance coverage as needed. If you need to file a claim, they will help you navigate the process.

Why professional guidance matters

When you need legal advice, you seek the guidance of a lawyer. When you need medical attention, you make an appointment with your doctor. You should think about insurance in the same way.

Insurance is a complicated subject. An independent insurance agent provides professional advice and guidance to help you choose the right insurance for your specific situation. When you have so many other important things to consider, the right insurance matters.

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