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Licensing during the Coronavirus Emergency

The Kansas Insurance Department (KID) has issued a bulletin and press release stating it will suspend all “non-essential” operations beginning on March 23 until at least April 6. Several members have contacted KAIA asking what to do about new employees they need to get licensed. KID has posted answers to frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus issues on its website, including the following:

Insurance LicensingI am applying for an application and can’t take the test or get my fingerprints taken. What should I do?

The Kansas Insurance Department has received notice that the examination vendor, Pearson Vue, has temporarily closed due to COVID-19. We also understand that local law enforcement offices are suspending fingerprinting for the general public at this time. We know this is inconvenient; however, the Department will NOT be suspending any license requirements at this time. The Department will continue to evaluate the situation as things develop and will stay in touch with Pearson Vue for updates on their operations as well. Should you have additional questions, please send them to

Based on this it appears new licensing operations will be suspended until at least April 6, and very possibly beyond that. Since KID is not suspending any licensing requirements, KAIA feels the best way to help its members is to provide guidance on what unlicensed employees can do.

Under K.S.A. 40-4904, anyone that sells, solicits, or negotiates insurance must be licensed. There are no insurance department regulations that apply. NAIC has published guidelines, but these are not specific to Kansas. However, the KID has a link to these in its FAQs, which suggests the KID would likely follow the guidelines.

Also, several years ago, a former head of Agents Licensing put out an “unofficial” list of things unlicensed employees can and cannot do. Even though it’s unofficial, we believe the KID would give much credence to this list.

If you have any questions please visit our Coronavirus Resource center or contact KAIA.

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