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Assurance Partners/Keller-Leopold Insurance Merger Becomes Iron Insurance Partners

The merger of Assurance Partners and Keller-Leopold Insurance now has a new name: Iron Insurance Partners.

“In uniting our companies together, our goal was not just to bring together the top agencies around, but to provide strength, confidence, and robust services to our clients,” said Shawn Myers, CEO. “The merger has given us the opportunity to unify and solidify our brand in ways that empower our one-company vision. We are now stronger and better equipped to serve our customers going forward with our new identity.”

The merger of Assurance Partners with Keller Leopold Insurance took effect on September 30, 2021. Though the brand identity is new, Iron Insurance remains a premier agency with the same committed employees who built Assurance Partners and Keller Leopold into thriving companies. With a better position to utilize employees' strengths, Iron Insurance will continue serving clients with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

“Iron Insurance represents the strength we find working together, serving our customers day in and day out,” said Mark Skidmore, President. “Just as iron provides strength to many essential facets of life -- from bone marrow to I-beams, our company is committed to providing current and future clients with strong comprehensive insurance service and options. We feel that these timeless characteristics are aptly reflected in our new logo.”

The new company has been able to extend its services, now delivering concrete leadership in Risk Management and Analytic Brokerage Services as well as unique expertise in farm, agriculture and crop insurance. With 130 years of combined experience, Iron Insurance will be a stronghold for clients in the times that lie ahead.

Forged from two long-respected area companies with complementary capabilities, Iron Insurance Partners is a full-service, independent insurance agency that delivers the potent elements that its namesake is renowned for: Strength. Confidence. Resolve.
They have offices across Kansas in Cimarron, Dodge City, Garden City, Ness City, Norton, Salina, Syracuse and Wichita, as well as Canon City, Colorado. With 130 years of combined experience, Iron Insurance promises the structural confidence and tenacity of a single company focused on strengthening its clients’ peace of mind.

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