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Top 3 Tools to Manage Remote Workers Today’s employees use Zoom, Skype, Jabber, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, and chat in Google Hangouts and Webex. When they’re not videoconferencing, they’re emailing, collaborating in Microsoft Teams, and instant chatting on Slack. They’ve already got the tech tools they need to make it easy and convenient to work remotely, but…

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coexisting in the workplace

OK Boomers, Slackers, Karens, Unicorns, and Snowflakes: Can’t We All Get Along? With four primary generations now coexisting in the workplace, it’s not surprising that a few generational feuds are brewing and bubbling. Boomers (born roughly between 1946-1964) mock millennials (1977-1997) for expecting participation trophies and being like Peter Pan (never wanting to grow up),…

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