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We believe investing in yourself as an insurance professional is the best way to ensure career growth and expand your knowledge base. Depending on what you are looking for, either learning more about the industry’s top trends and issues, or meeting your CE requirements for the year (or possibly a little bit of both), Annual Convention education sessions will meet your needs. Experts are coming in from throughout the country to provide updates on the latest trends, topics, and issues impacting the industry. Visit the schedule of events to see when classes are offered, and visit the featured speakers page to learn more about presenters.

Interested in perpetuation planning but want a more personal conversation? 

Schedule a 20-30 minute consultation with Carey Wallace and have a one-on-one. The conversation doesn't have to stop at the Annual Convention - reach out to KAIA to find out how else Carey can help you with a personalized agency plan.

Monday Sessions

Technology Trends & Other Changes in Agribusiness & Insurance

with Casey Roberts

So much has changed over the last few years in farming…this isn’t your daddy’s way of farming. We look at how these changes have arrived on the farm, what they mean to the farmer and how they need to be considered and addressed by those insurance professionals working with these Ag accounts. We also polish up our crystal ball to see what else may be coming soon to a farm near you.

We’ll review these specific areas:

  • Drone technology for farms and agribusinesses, the current regulatory environment and the risk management and insurance challenges and opportunities
  • Examine the current growth of the Agritourism industry, its impact on traditional farm coverage and the proper methods to manage the various risks including applicable insurance
  • Define Precision Farming and understand the myriad issues surrounding its increased use
  • Distinguish between Farm Management and Custom Farming and examine the risk management and insurance implications of each
  • Determine the variety of applications of new technologies such as autonomous farm vehicles, robots and other mechanization, their advantages and disadvantages and the insurance marketplace for each.


E&O Risk Management: Less Risk. More Reward.

with Mallory Cornell

**Qualifies for E&O Credit and approved by Westport for E&O Risk Management Credit

Mitigating E&O claims is more than just good documentation. Join us to hear claim stories, gain ideas for new agency practices (real examples!) and how learn how to stay out of trouble when navigating social media. Explore the fun side of E&O risk management with actual takeaways to deploy within your agency.


Key Business Income Concepts

with Chris Boggs

Businesses exist to make money. Even “non-profits” need to make money to survive. Thus, every business’ greatest exposure is the loss of needed income.

Some estimates are that approximately 25% of business operations that suffer a business-closing loss never reopen. Likewise, approximately 50% of those that do re-open close down within a short period after re-opening due to the business-closing loss.

Why do these businesses cease to exist? It’s not the lack of property insurance on the building or personal property. The real reason is the loss of income.

The most important asset requiring protection is the business’ income. In this session the five most important business income concepts are discussed. Upon these concepts business income is built:

  • Defining Business Income
  • Understanding the Period of Restoration
  • Discussion of the Extended Business Income / Extended Period of Indemnity
  • Recognizing Dependent Properties
  • Completing the CP 15 15 Business Income Report and Worksheet


Professional Liability – No Matter What You Call It, Key Things We Need To Know

with Casey Roberts

Professional Liability exposures and coverages can seem complex. What we will discover in this course is that a logical approach to what they can and cannot provide will make our understanding of this significant area of exposure and coverage easier to attack. That will translate into better information for our clients and prospects and will also make us more proficient in our daily approach to insurance coverages. The topics covered will include:

  • What is professional liability
  • Policy basics and commonalities
  • The application is key
  • How Claims Made policies work
  • Sample policy coverages & actual losses paid
  • Typical exclusions and areas of concern


Refocus, Connect, and Empower Your Agency for the Future

with Chris Cline

In a world with no shortage of options, risks, and distractions when it comes to technology, it's important to be nimble but also act with intent. Chris Cline will begin this session by challenging you to slow down to speed up when planning your business strategy for the future.

Dave Hulcher will then join to moderate a panel of experts, including Cline, with various technology backgrounds who will explore industry and tech space trends including artificial intelligence, data, best practices, virtual assistants, and what's coming next. Finally, we will look at where we go next. You and your agency are leaving a legacy whether you are managing it or not.

Panelists: Chris Cline (IIABA), Josh Goodman (Waypoint Insurance Midwest, LLC), Daniel Smith (Market Retrievers LLC), Brooke Lugonjic Liu (MarshBerry)


Special Women In Insurance "WIN" Session

with Sara Bradshaw Ray

Look Out It's a Trap! The Truth about the Pitfalls and Promise of Female Leadership

Even the most well-intentioned, hard-working women out here can still fall prey to the hidden pitfalls that threaten their professional growth, opportunity, and impact as a leader. Equally dangerous are those traps that are "hiding in plain sight," but what's a girl to do? This session is an enlightening and interactive adventure exploring some of our most chronic career-threatening traps and the truth within each. Female leaders, armed with awareness, have great potential to turn these (and other) traps into the promise of progress and impact that they are uniquely capable of making as women.

*PLUS a Candid Discussion with Kansas Female Insurance Leaders

Panelists: Beth Smoller (KAIA/ASCK), Ashley Mitchell (EMC), Cindy Hower (Kellerman Insurance), SueAnn Schultz (IMA, Inc.)

2 GEN KS Only

Tuesday Sessions
Wednesday Sessions

What people say...

"If you are new to insurance, there is so much to learn. Here you get to take advantage of talking to experts in the business about so many scenarios. And, you have their contact information for future questions!"

Ashley Krueger, Producer
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