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Breakout Sessions and Education Tracks

Whether you are looking to fulfill CE requirements or receive updates on the industry's top trends, our breakout sessions, which begin Monday morning and continue through Wednesday, have you covered. We've also made it easy by providing specific education tracks. You can attend all classes in a specific track or mix and match to meet your interests. Many presentations and handouts will be available for download prior to the conference. Visit the schedule of events to see when classes are offered, and visit the featured speakers page to learn more about presenters.

**Take any two Farm/Ag classes and qualify for your AFIS designation update.

Interested in perpetuation planning but want a more personal conversation? 

Schedule a 20-30 minute consultation with Carey Wallace and have a one-on-one. The conversation doesn't have to stop at the Annual Convention - reach out to KAIA to find out how else Carey can help you with a personalized agency plan.


Farm Risk Management, Liability, & Side Businesses

with Casey Roberts

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:
a. Distinguish between risk management and insurance management
b. Define risk
c. Understand the tools available to treat risk
d. Adopt a risk management approach when dealing with farm and agribusiness clients
e. Apply the rules of risk management
f. Identify specific risk management issues and challenges for farms and agribusiness operations
g. Review the various “side businesses” that our accounts get involved in and how those challenge our coverage options


"Other" Farm Property Coverages

with Casey Roberts

Farm/Ag accounts have coverage options that are available to other commercial insureds, but using a different set of forms. We review these ISO forms as they relate to Farm/Ag exposures and some of the endorsements available for coverage modification: Equipment Breakdown Protection Coverage Form EB 00 20 01 13, Equipment Breakdown Protection Coverage (endorsement) FP 05 60 04 16, Livestock Coverage Form FP 00 40 04 16, Mobile Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Coverage Form FP 00 30 04 16.


HEMP...the Next "Gold" Crop for Our Farmers?

with Casey Roberts

The topic of Hemp has been much talked about for the past three years or so. Some tout it as the “next best crop” for our farm owners and producers…others see it as a gateway to cannabis production and related drug issues. Neither is probably true. So we will look at what it can do, can be used for, what it is and is not, and how it can affect the farmer…positively or not.


New(er) Power on the Farm: Wind, Solar, Methane

with Casey Roberts

This class reviews the various renewable energy options available to our farm and ag accounts. We examine the benefits and challenges of the increased use of wind, methane, solar & biomass on the farm. What are the risk management considerations & insurance issues for these energy options. Finally, what are the potential losses arising from these new(er) technologies?


Commercial Lines
Personal Lines
Account Management

What people say...

"If you are new to insurance, there is so much to learn. Here you get to take advantage of talking to experts in the business about so many scenarios. And, you have their contact information for future questions!"

Ashley Krueger, Producer
TouchPoint Services, Inc

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